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Our Services:
  • Data Integrity

    • Sample Quality

    • Assay Quality

    • Statistics

    • Downhole Contamination

    • Comparability and
      Reproducibility Studies

  • QAQC Analysis

  • Sensitivity Studies

    • Drill Spacing

    • Sample Composite Lengths

    • Sample Density

  • Geostatistics

    • Domaining

    • Parametric and Non-Parametric Multivariate Statistics

    • Variography

  • Reports and Recommendations

Data Analysis

»Keeping Details In Essence, Solutions In Mind«

brazca Ltd.® offers a wide range of analytical services with the goal to provide you with the necessary framework to optimize your exploration strategy and to maximise the value of your exploration budget.

We utilise professional mathematical software to carry out thorough analysis for any particular question at hand. Be it possible downhole contamination, a comprehensive twinning programme or a sensitivity study to establish the optimal drill pattern - we don't limit ourselves to the basic statistics of commercially available geological packages.